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Hello blog readers. My name Susan Raby-Dunne and I am a writer, historian, filmmaker, composer, rabid motorcyclist, veteran advocate, spiritual adventurer, traveller and general life-on-this-planet-enthusiast. I’m 57 years old and, as I always have, continue to squeeze as much adventure, learning and experience into my days as humanly possible.

riding down my road on a stormy spring day in 2012

Despite all that can be found wrong in this world I tend to believe in the overall goodness of people and the resilience of Gaia (Mother Earth) herself. Having looked death in the face more than once, I refuse to live in fear or to get sucked into the vortex of negative expectation that I sometimes see around me. Gratitude is something I revel in every day and is definitely a balm for my soul and an antidote to fear.

I fired up this blog originally, because I am passionate about a lot of things; often writing letters to editors, politicians, etc. and ranting on radio talk shows on a regular basis. This blog will be a great outlet I think, and a great vehicle to apprise my readers of upcoming news, books, events, etc.

I blogged during an amazing motorcycle trip I took in Europe, from June 12th to July 14th, 2011, in which I followed the footsteps of John McCrae (writer of WW1 poem, In Flanders Fields) and his artillery brigade from where they landed in St. Nazaire, France, through the battlegrounds he found himself in to where he died and is buried. I used McCrae’s own diaries as well as the war diary to plan the itinerary.

Part of what I saw and discovered on that trip is now in the substance of my latest book, Bonfire – The Chestnut Gentleman, about to launch on 2 November, 2012. Bonfire, has been almost 7 years in the making and all preliminary reviews have been positive. The book will soon be available for purchase in stores and at http://www.thebonfirebook.com


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  1. Good to see this up-and-looking so fine. Congrats and keep me posted! Cheers, A

  2. Hi Susan, Your blog looks great! I have deep respect and admiration for your zest for living fully, and look forward to following your summer journey! Ride On Sister! ~ Paula

  3. Hey Susan! I know absolutely nohing about bloging. Interestingly I just happened upon your website blog thing. Pretty neat. Keep the shiny side up. See you in Nevada City this summer. You are awesome.

  4. You’re an INSPIRATION!! Ride on sister!

  5. Wow – you’re on the move again! I can hardly wait for your next book!

  6. Susan
    Never got into reading your blog until now! Fantastic!
    You are like a sponge, absorbing life and living it to the full. I have always known how amazing you are, but when I see it in print, in what you do and how you go about doing it, I am filled with FRIENDLY ENVY.From today on, I intend to live my life vicariously through you, until I find my own path. I had better hurry up and find it, as time is a wastin!

    Love and admiration always

  7. You Go Girl, keep riding the saddle. Maybe on my next journey that will include Canada, you can join me. Check out my site if interested. http://missrider.com/
    I have a Marine son and thank you for writing and sharing our heroes stories.


  8. Hi Susan, I seemed to have stumbled in your side door,looking for pictures of my Great Uncle. I clicked on an image of the 10th battalion and up popped the cover art for your 2nd second book. The chisel-chinned guy 3 back from the front is my guy. Is your book about the 10th Battalion? Does it connect with the John McRae book somehow, or is it a coincidence? I have been chasing down links between Capt. McRae and my Great Uncle Capt. Clarence Gliddon, who was the Medical Officer for the 10th. They both came over at the same time and were at Ypres in April 1915 and both M.O.’s of a battallion a half mile from each other. And McRae was the doctor at Essex Farm Aid Station when my guy was brought in after suffering a mortal wound from a bomb dropped from an ‘aeroplane’.

    But enough of my prattle. I look forward to hearing about the book

    Rob Gliddon

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