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So much has been written, predicted and theorized about 2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar. It’s interesting but I don’t claim to understand it and I can only speak for myself. I have to say, this has been one hell of a year in good ways and also in some extremely difficult ways. I published two books; a motorcycle memoir, and with my writers group, helped pull together a collection of WWII memoirs by Dutch Canadians; Hope in the Colour of Orange: Dutch Civilian Memories of War and Liberation.

Cave of the Muses on Mount Parnassos

In April I went on a warrior’s pilgrimage to Greece with Dr. Ed Tick and Kate Dahlstedt of Soldier’s Heart, two Viet Nam vets, a psychiatrist and other assorted healers. This was an amazing journey; from a guided shamanic journey in The Cave of the Muses (it actually exists!) led by a retired colonel of the 101st airborne, to doing healing ceremonies at Thermopolis, Marathon, Sparta and Agamemnon’s fortress near Argos. It was a journey to rediscover the honourable warrior; ideally a guardian and protector and a vital part of any healthy society, I think.

statue of King Leonidas of the Spartans who led his 300 warriors against tens of thousands of invading Persians. King Xerxes sent a messenger to tell him, "Lay down your weapons." King Leonidas answered simply, "Tell him to come and get them."

Ed Tick communing with the Charioteer of Delphi

Following that I took my motorcycle to France in June and followed the path of Lt.Col.John McCrae from where he landed with his artillery brigade in February of 1915, through the two battlegrounds he was involved with, to Boulogne, where he treated wounded at No.3 Canadian General Hospital and finally to where died and is buried in Wimereux on the Calais Road. Much of this will be the substance of further writing and possible tour guiding.

On the home front I’m dealing with the dissolution of a 28 year marriage; very difficult but timely and necessary for both of us as we follow our respective destinies. Our beautiful farm has gone up for sale.

I surprised a friend the other day by stating that I have continuously second guessed myself about this ‘military preoccupation.’ “What the hell is this about anyway?! Well, the week before last in one day, I had 3 coincidental things happen from different, unrelated sources and directions that had specifically to do with my WWI research. Goosebumps! I must be on this path for a reason.

So we’re on the eve of the dreaded 2012. To me it’s an exciting, transformational time and I plan to enter it with reverence and as CONSCIOUSLY and positively as possible. I’ll end these musings with a quote I was sent this morning by Pam Vipond in Black Diamond:
Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of earth are never alone or weary of life.
Rachel Carson.

John McCrae’s mother said of him, “He was first a soldier, second a student…” I like that. Maybe that’s one reason I feel we are kindred spirits. I hope never to stop learning. So many mysteries and beauties yet to examine and try to fathom!

I wish you all amazing trails and a magical and transformative 2012.

enjoy the road

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