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It’s a snowy Sunday here near Black Diamond, about 20 cms of the stuff has fallen since last night. The sun is trying to come out though so it’s over for now.

our gorgeous log house, now for sale

Well we’ve decided to sell our farm. We tried to figure out a solution that would allow us to keep the place and be suitable for both of us but it looks like any solution like that will just take too long. We both want to move on with our lives so that’s that. I plan to stay in this area on a much smaller acreage in a much smaller house. Totally fine with me. I’ve been looking at these beautiful Knotty Pine cabins and cottages made by a local builder. Seem like just the right fit for me.

dining room and living room

I have a couple more books taking shape and I am looking forward to my own little place with its loft/office. Can’t wait in fact. So…if you’re looking for a gorgeous place in the foothills with the best water in the MD, gravel and rich hay land, this is the place!

summer haying 2011; alfalfa, timothy, brome mix

Posted December 4, 2011 by windwrangler in Home

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