Arachova, Cave of the Muses, Delphi   2 comments

I’m awake at 4 this morning after yet another late evening feast in the mountain village of Arachova, at the ‘top of the world.’ I’ve actually been sleeping really well here but last night we had grilled lamb chops at about 9:30, delicious but just too late. We’ve been fed in a tavern normally used exclusively by men but the owner is a friend of Ed’s. There’s been us and then several tables of older men smoking, chatting, drinking Siporo (Greek moonshine – I had some too…smooth) and fiddling with their worry beads.

Yesterday we went to the Cave of the Muses on Mount Parnassos which I always thought was a mythical place until I went there last year for the first time. One of our vets has gotten a lot of benefit from shamanic breath-work so he led us on a journey to do with that.

The trail up to the Cave of the Muses

People in the group had a variety of experiences with the exercise from working through grief over the loss of a mother to journeys into the ancient world which, in my case, was like an hour-long panoramic dream.

On Monday we went to Thermopolis, the site of another famous battle between the Spartans and Persians in 480 B.C. where 300 Spartans sacrificed themselves to hold off a huge army of Persian invaders that were trying break through a narrow mountain pass.

King Leonidas of the Spartans at Thermopolis

Today we explore Delphi and load up on Delphi water, a couple of bottles of which I’ll be bringing home. Delphi water has been coming out of a spring in the mountain since the year dot and is the best, crispest, sweetest, most beautiful tasting water on earth, even better than our Alberta mountain well water which takes some doing. Next report – Delphi.

Clock tower of Arachova.

from inside the Cave of the Muses on Mount Parnassos

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2 responses to “Arachova, Cave of the Muses, Delphi

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  1. These are interesting stories and the pictures make them even more real.
    I look forward to the next update – from Delphi – hoping to go there – just to drink that magic water!

    A Toast To Your Joy and Health!!

  2. Thank you for these amazing photos!

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