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We changed our plan yesterday because of rain. Instead of the walking tour we went to the amazing museum of archaeology. I’m trying to enclose a few pictures but the signal here is hit and miss. I have been trying repeatedly but no luck with the photos. I’ll try this evening.

Last night we went for dinner on the Plaka with our group and some Greek friends; actors and healers. Brilliant night. Lily teaches biosynthesis and has a facility near Epidavros. We will be visiting her later in the week. Two of her students were with us also. Actors Veronica and Mariana were with us also with their boyfriends. They are both ‘Classical’ Greek actors and have done plays like The Trojan Women among other great and ancient works.

I had roast lamb with eggplant, Greek salad and a little bottle of Ouzo. Opa!! The restaurant sits under the Parthenon which is lit up every night but was also under an almost full moon. Stunning backdrop. We walked by our favorite restaurant from last year, Exapina, but it had burnt down. So sad. Despite all the bad press about Greece we are finding Athens friendly and accommodating as always. It’s a pity people form hard and fast opinions based on ‘the media.’

Well I’m going to send this now before the signal disappears. More later!

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