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Took off for Calgary this morning on my bike at 10:00 and was warm! I actually let out a yip or two with the sheer joy of blasting down the road in blazing sunshine and no wind. Last Sunday we had a ton of snow on the ground and today…gorgeous. Met the 3rd C.A.V. (Canadian Army Veterans) Ypres Motorcycle Unit that I’m a member of at Timmy’s on McKnight. It was great to see all the bikes and happy faces out after our loooong winter, about a dozen of us. Then we set out for Black Diamond where everyone but me had lunch at the hotel. I’d already had a substantial breakfast earlier. Just a short ride since it’s Easter Sunday and people had family things going on, short but still sweet.

This week I start laying out bits and pieces from John McCrae’s War Diary, MGen Edward Morrison’s serial that he wrote for the Ottawa Gazette about his experiences in The Great War and some letters and other odds and ends that refer to McCrae. I’ll be going hammer and tongs from now until departure in June. I also have to organize all my camera gear and learn how the Drift camera works. That is a very cool digital HD camera that I will have mounted on my bike or helmet as I travel. I’ll be experimenting with it before I leave to see what sorts of mounts for it capture the most interesting footage. Then I have to learn how to download and store it in my Mac Book Air. Caution! Massive learning curve ahead!

Posted April 24, 2011 by windwrangler in Home

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